Course benefits

If you are not happy with way you speak English or feel your English is letting you down, this “total immersion” course will teach you the correct use and pronunciation of words, fluency, confidence and a universally comprehensible and attractive accent, all of which will become so natural to you that you will be able to concentrate entirely on what you want to say, not how to say it.

You will never see people “switching off” when you start to speak or, worse still, sense that they are privately looking down on you or even laughing at you. You will not only speak well and persuasively but have the sound of success in your voice. You will be given a skill that will help you achieve your aspirations and get to the top.


As Shakespeare said, “All the world’s a stage”. We are all actors, trying to project ourselves in the best possible light and give the right impression in both our professional and social lives. We have to dress for our parts, learn the right lines, and deliver them attractively if we want the best parts in life’s best plays. This unique course will not teach you how to dress but it will teach you how to communicate and present brilliantly in first-class British English.