How does it work?

There is nothing like the English Speech and Pronunciation Course anywhere in the world.

Every word of this unique course is presented to you on nearly twenty hours of superb video by top actors and tutors. It works on the principle of total immersion and natural language acquisition theory. It’s really just a more sophisticated form of the method by which children first acquire language skills.

You read, listen and see as we explain the pronunciations of letters and their combinations, show how the sounds are made, and build up words and sentences containing them. Then you practise saying what you have heard from thousands of beautifully illustrated pairs of screens, the first of each pair being marked to assist you with the pronunciation.

Another valuable feature of this course is that you can go back as often as you like to practise things that are causing you special difficulty (and, if you wish, you can also have private sessions with us using Skype).

And we don’t make you tear your hair out by asking you to learn a phonetic alphabet that only makes things unnecessarily complicated, especially as the English writing system is almost totally unphonetic! It’s not as if you are learning music, which has a separate writing system. In teaching English speech and pronunciation we keep to the alphabet we all use in real life, beginning logically with A and ending with Z.

English Speech and Pronunciation will polish and perfect your English speaking skills, and it’s just as effective whether English is your first or a second language. It entertains as it educates, and it’s a cultural goldmine. That is one reason why the famous Beijing Language and Culture University Press has acquired the rights to publish its own edition of our course for China. BLCU is China’s top language university and you can be sure that the Course was rigorously and expertly assessed before it was accepted. You can read more about this in our Quality Assurance page.

Doing the course is like having a part in the rehearsals for a wonderful play. You will not only be taught consciously but also, by having correct and beautifully spoken English constantly flowing over you and through you, you will absorb the very best English speaking and pronunciation skills subconsciously too, with the result that speaking correctly, confidently and attractively will be completely second nature to you. You will be able to concentrate entirely on what you are saying, not how to say it, and what you say will be listened to with respect and admiration everywhere.

We are also totally confidential and never reveal the names of our students or any information about them without their specific permission. You can do the course privately in your own time wherever and whenever you wish.

So don’t procrastinate – a good word for a bad thing! Be decisive, buy this brilliant course now, and start learning how you can speak to win. The sooner you start, the sooner you will reap the benefits. It could be the best investment you will ever make in your future success and happiness, both professionally and socially.