Personal Online Tutorials Questionnaire

To arrange a personal Tutorial please complete the following questionnaire.

We shall reply to you as soon as possible with a price, and if you are happy with this we shall recommend a personal tutor who we believe is most appropriate to give you the particular help you need, and make all the necessary arrangements.

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In the box below please give as much detail as possible about your requirement for one or more Tutorials. This may be to give you an assessment of your English speaking skills or an evaluation of your progress while doing the course, to sort out a particular problem you may have with the pronunciation of certain sounds, to practise a speech or presentation, or to prepare for an interview. Please also mention if you would like help in redrafting any speech or presentation to improve its English before being taught online how to deliver it beautifully and effectively. The more information you give us, the better we shall be able to help you.

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