Professional opinions

If you have any doubt about the value of speaking good English well, just read some comments from people who know, from many different professions, that it’s not just what you say but how you say it that matters.


Pupils will be taught to speak properly … They must be taught to recognise when to use formal language, including standard spoken English.

Sir Jim Rose, former Head of Ofsted, reported in The Times

Elocution lessons can boost your confidence in all walks of life … It is probably another, rarely discussed, reason why independent school pupils often outshine their state school counterparts in interviews. They have been coached to be confident in speech and drama lessons.

Susan Elkin, Education and Training Editor, The Stage

The Innit Generation. Wotcher, Miss! We is not tort proper. You dunnit. No warrimean? Chiz … To be able to communicate in standard English is the birthright of every Briton … Not every child can be eloquent, but each child deserves to be articulate

The Times (leading article)

Whatever your profession or ambition and whether English is your first or second language, learning to speak it correctly, fluently and confidently, without making embarrassing mistakes and with an attractive accent that will be listened to with respect and admiration everywhere, can transform your life and get you right to the top.